Illustrations by Louise Rowland

The Herstory education programme aims to strike a balance between education & entertainment, presenting Ireland’s extraordinary historical and contemporary women as alternative role models to challenge celebrity culture and the objectification of women. Through our heroines’ remarkable stories, young girls will learn tools and life lessons, helping them steer through challenging teenage years into adulthood. In the longterm, our objective is to see more women represented on the school curriculum but we’re not going to wait for that day. 

A full programme of publications and events for age 5-21 will be announced shortly.

We are working with Claire Hennessy (Penguin Ireland’s YA & children's editor) and a collective of bestselling YA authors including Sheena Wilkinson and Deirdre Sullivan to produce a new game-changing teen magazine and illustrated Herstory book that will support and inspire today’s Daughters of Ireland.

The authors are adapting historical biographies for a teen audience, writing their stories in the format of agony aunt entries, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and rejected fairytales. 

The Herstory team has many more ideas in the pipeline for our education programme. Watch this space!

To make these wonderful projects happen we need funding. If you would like to make a donation and inspire today's Daughters of Ireland please click here.