Herstory exists as two individual, legal entities: Herstory Ltd and Herstory Education.

The Herstory Light Festival operates from Herstory Ltd, a limited company with charitable objectives. The board is small, nimble and brilliant:

Melanie Lynch – Chair & Founding Director

Dani Gill – Curator & Director

Mandalei Kuhn – Lawyer & Director

Lydia Campbell – Leadership Consultant & Director

Morita Kelleher –Financial Consultant & Company Secretary

The Herstory schools programme is governed by Herstory Education, which will be formed as the Herstory Education Trust. The Board of Trustees include the following education experts:

Dr. Emma Black

Aisling Cusack

Simone George

Helena Grattan

Mary Moynihan

Ineke Owens

Dr. Senia Paseta

Stephen Plunkett

Diane Tangey

Karina Tynan