Secondary schools in Ireland and Northern Ireland are invited to participate in the Herstory Treasure Hunt workshop to discover lost women's stories in their families and local communities. In the workshop, students will not only get a chance to delve into family, local and national history but to explore and identify what makes a person great. So as well as hunting for great stories, we are encouraging students to identify their chosen heroine’s 'superpowers' - qualities such as compassion, courage, creativity, integrity, friendship, intuition, sensitivity, loyalty and more.

In Exercise #4, students will read the story of Herstory’s heroine Josephine Hart and explore how they can be a heroine or hero in their own life story. In Exercise #5, students will learn about Greta Thunberg’s movement and the peace heroines of Northern Ireland, inspiring each classroom to create their own heroic team to champion a cause close to their hearts. Teachers are introduced to the Royal Irish Academy’s Dictionary of Irish Biography - accessible for free to all schools via Scoilnet - which features the biographies of over 1000 fascinating women’s stories from across the entire island of Ireland.

The exercises in the Herstory lesson plans are designed to integrate with current history, English, art and I.T. curriculums. The aim of the Treasure Hunt workshop is to instill a curiosity and value for every woman’s story. No man or woman’s story is more important than another. This is equality.

There's also an opportunity to have your students’ heroine featured in the 2020 Herstory Light Festival on the weekend of Brigid’s Day.

Click here to download the workshop.