Herstory: Revolutionary Religious Women / 18.03.18

Herstory: Revolutionary Religious Women

Date: Sunday 18 March

Venue: The Unitarian Church, 112 St Stephen's Green, Dublin 2

Doors: 3.00pm, Start 3.30pm

Tickets: €7

As part of the St. Patrick’s Festival, Herstory will host events in landmark locations around Dublin city celebrating women’s stories throughout history.

Truth be told, women played a key role in the early development of many world religions. In this Herstory Salon lost legends and the forgotten feminine wisdom of Christianity, Islam and ancient pagan religion will be uncovered. From saints to goddesses, we will explore their life stories and the importance of honouring the Sacred Feminine Mary Magdalene emerges from the shadows with Khadijah, the Prophet Mohammad’s wife. The female disciples return, once lost by history, now rediscovered by Herstory. Have you heard of Thecla or Teia Tephi? Did you know that King Laoighre’s daughters saved the life of St. Patrick, Ireland’s patron saint? Think you know our matron St. Brigid? Think again.

Religion has dominated Irish life and permeated our culture for centuries. As we witness the demise of the church and the rise of celebrity culture; the crisis in spirituality, masculinity and femininity will be explored. In a world that has never been more unequal, we ask if it’s time for religions to evolve, acknowledge the role of women, the importance of the Sacred Feminine, and create future faiths based on equality and respect for both sexes? 

Speakers and performers include Tara Flynn (comedian, writer & actress, John Ennis (poet, academic & activist), Danushia Kaczmarek (author & spiritual teacher), Fatin Al Tamini, (activist & photographer), Melania Mora Tomas (member of the Baha'i Faith), Prajnamayi (member of the Triratna Buddhist Community) and the Swami from the Sikh faith.

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