Our mission is to give the public authentic female role models and a game-changing egalitarian education programme, inspiring countries around the world to start their own Herstory movements.


These guidelines outline the vision and ethics of the Irish Herstory Movement.

We are dedicated to a democracy of representation. This is a platform for ALL women.  As Mary Robinson would say herself, she is no more important than any other Mary. ie. celebrities will not be given preference over other voices. This is equality.

We aim to tell the complete, multi-faceted stories of women. It is through telling all facets of herstory - the light and dark - that we acknowledge, heal and transcend.


We honour the uniqueness and talents of every individual. This is not a competition. We won’t pitch women against each other, in the old divide and conquer paradigm, which is ironically the opposite of equality.


In understanding age and the phases of life, Herstory follows the ancient Irish system of the maiden, mother and crone. Each phase is celebrated equally, for its unique qualities and wisdom.


We are dedicated to the deconstruction of fixed gender ideas and representations. Sexuality is diverse and should be represented in all its unique expressions.


Herstory is rooted in the ancient philosophies of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine. We work to heal and harmonise the masculine and feminine within each individual and within culture.


We are committed to the complete, balanced representation of the masculine; exploring both the patriarchal narrative of suppression and the positive role of men throughout history and today’s culture. Herstory Founder Melanie Lynch discovered that in nearly every remarkable woman’s biography there was a man who saw her as an equal, championing her dreams and talents. They were brothers, fathers, husbands, friends and teachers. Equality is human nature. When we see it we have to celebrate it.


There are ethics to sponsoring a Herstory project. There will no title sponsorship on any Herstory projects or commercial messaging on any light festival illuminations. This is in respect for the women being celebrating.


Pretty please keep pink to a minimum.


Herstory reflects our multi-cultural world, and the dual, symbiotic narrative of emigration and immigration.  All creeds and ethnicities will be represented side-by-side. This is equality.


We acknowledge the wisdom inherent in young voices. Our platform will give the stage to young people, to share their insights, truths and ideas with adults.


The Herstory Education Programme works independent of but in tandem with the school curriculum, to support teachers and students whilst integrating the most innovative education initiatives from Scandinavia etc.


Everyone working with Herstory will be fairly remunerated financially or by other means. The attitude that women should be expected to work for free has to stop.


We strive towards a new future for women, standing in their true power, honouring their sexuality, and speaking their truth.


Herstory seeks to work with collaborators whose primary motivation is service to society and the greater good - not self-interest.  This is the synarchic model of consciousness essential to create a movement that flows and grows.

In Ireland, there is a paradigm shift towards compassionate feminism. This is the future and it’s bright. We invite countries around the world to join Ireland and start your own Herstory Movement.