Herstory is a cultural movement THAT tellS the life stories of historical,  mythological AND contemporary women.


An extraordinary discovery

In contrast to the handful of women we learn about in Irish schools, Herstory discovered that there are over one thousand remarkable women featured in the Dictionary of Irish Biography. Countless names are missing. The amnesia of women’s stories is not just an Irish problem - this is a global phenomenon.


It's time to rewrite history and the future

History censored women’s stories in the past. Today, popular culture dictates the stories deemed 'worthy' of our attention, diluting women's representation and leaving countless authentic role models in the shadows.


This is storytelling for everyone

Adopting a collaborative and experimental approach, Herstory incorporates the worlds of music, comedy, theatre, fashion, dance, photography, poetry, fine art, film and more. Our objective is to spark a cross-pollination across generations, genders and nationalities; bringing fascinating stories to life for a contemporary audience.



The good, the bad and the revolutionary, an eclectic collection of extraordinary life stories. 



Join us for the International Herstory Light Festival, Ireland's new global light festival celebrating women and equality. 




As part of Herstory Education Programme, we have created downloadable, interactive schools workshops.

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The Irish are known as the best storytellers in the world but until now, we have only told half the story.
The time has come to tell herstory.
— Melanie Lynch, Founder of Herstory

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